writer of literary horror, lover of women’s stories, historical fashion and four-legged animals.

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About Bess Hamilton

Writer. Feminist. Work-in-Progress.

My first novel Remembrance will be published by Sands Press in March 2018. Seven years after the close of World War One, Maggie Lancaster and her childhood friend, George Comstock are ready to move on from their losses. But when Maggie’s husband, long thought to have been killed in action, comes home, they realize they can’t escape the past.

I grew up in St. Marys, Ontario and now live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My Southern Ontario home inspires me, but so does Winnipeg’s deep sense of its own history. My heart belongs to horror and traditional gothic literature, but I’m really a magpie reader. I even read while I brush my teeth.

I’ve been writing as long as I can remember. My elementary school teachers were concerned about my morbid imagination. Maybe that’s because I did a presentation on the Salem witch trials in Grade 5! Or maybe because I was an avid reader of horror writers such as Stephen King and Shirley Jackson.

I’ve always been drawn to writing that explores the places that scare us, in others’ work and my own. But that doesn’t mean it’s all graveyards and ghosts for me! I’m also drawn to tell stories where women take power into their own hands.

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Southern Ontario Gothic

Remembrance. Coming March 2018

As you can see, my novel's title has changed from Like This You Keep Them Alive to Remembrance. I love the new title. And the poem from which I took my original title will still be the epigraph in the book. The new title reflects the importance of memory in the novel and also that the events in the novel pivot around World War One. Sands Press gave my book a beautiful cover! I can hardly wait until March 2018! Stay tuned for event updates! [...]

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March 17th, 2017|Writing|

Cicadas sing in a rise and fall chorus of summer outside my office window. Along with a slight breeze, the open window lets in the sound of children laughing, shrieking, hollering from the park across [...]

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